Serve Technique and Corrections Class (DeWitt)

with Jorge Capestany and Adam Ford


About this Course

The Truth About Changing Your Technique

MODULE 1: Serve Checkpoints

About this Module

Grips and Stances

The 9 Serve Checkpoints - (Roger Federer)

The 9 Serve Technical Checkpoints - (Marti - side view)

The 9 Serve Technical Checkpoints - (Bob - rear view)

The 9 Serve Technical Checkpoints - (Nate - drone view)

MODULE 2: Error Corrections for Checkpoints

About this Module

Fixing Grips & Stances

1) Fixing the Rituals

2) Fixing the Weight Transfer

3) Fixing the Ball Toss release

4) Fixing the Loading (trophy)

5) Fixing the Racket Drop (launch)

6) Fixing the Point of Contact

7) Fixing the Arm Rotation

8) Fixing the Landing

9) Fixing the Counter Balance

MODULE 3: More Error Corrections

About this Module

1) The 4 stages of Progressions (with spin)

2) Types of Spins

3) Errant Toss

4) Elbow Drops

5) Muscling the Ball

6) Quick Backswing

7) Poor Pronation-Snap

8) Poor Kinetic Link

9) Serve with Straight Arm

10) Too Much Knee Bend

MODULE 4: Serve Practice Drills

About this Module

The Perfect Serve Practice Routine

Dice Serving

Dice Returning

Solo Server

Serve Squeeze

Serve Horse