Intro: Editing and Changing Memberships

Frontline Training - Editing and Changing Memberships

What: This course will walk a club's frontline users through how to edit and change memberships in Club Automation. The course is broken down into the following segments.

  • Training Videos: Self-paced training to be completed prior to going live on Club Automation.
  • Quiz: Test your knowledge by completing the Editing and Changing Memberships quiz.

How: Complete the self-paced training prior to going live on Club Automation and prior to any follow-up trainings with a Club Automation staff member

Duration: 60 mins

Suggested Participants: Any managers and team members that will be completing membership updates, including holds, cancellations, upgrades, downgrades, etc.

To watch the training video, select Complete and continue below. On the next screen, select play to begin.