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1. Kourts Overview

Some Background (from Jorge)

Here is some background for you. Since I run this website and many coaches, teaching professionals and club managers are subscribers, it's not uncommon for me to get requests about which clubs software programs I would recommend.

You see as a club manager myself; I inherited a club they had literally no software. When I first started working at my club, I was given a recipe box they had index cards with everyone's information on it... Yikes.

So, for years I was looking for a club software solution that would help me bring my club into the modern age. I also thought it would be a great idea to have some club software examples here on our TennisDrills.tv site for anyone else that might be looking for the same thing.

Unfortunately, as I started reaching out to various club software companies, most of them did not want to put any of their information on our website for fear that their competitors would try to "rip them off".

Instead, they wanted you to book an appointment with them so they could do a demo, but there was literally nothing helpful on their websites that could help you decide if they were the right software for your club.

That's why I'm grateful to Kourts for being our first club software company to step up and tell us what they are all about. If you are looking for club software, I know courts is a great option.


Kourts Desktop

With Kourts Desktop, you can manage your club needs in one place.

A simple, 100% customizable interface that includes a digital court schedule, bookings, lessons, clinics, analytics and reporting on court occupancy & instructor management.


Kourts Point-of-Sale

Kourts has built the world's leading Point-of-Sale designed for racquet sports. Process payments safely, securely, and maintain PCI compliance. Kourts POS is fully integrated with the Kourts Desktop and Apps, which means you can run reports and analysis on instructors, revenues, a breakdown of sales by item, and have all of your player’s sales history in one place.


Kourts Player App

The Kourts Player App allows players to view, book, & pay for courts and clinics 24/7 easily from the palm of their hand. No more waiting on hold or being limited to booking within the club’s business hours.




Kourts Instructor App

With the Kourts Instructor App, pros can view their own schedule, the club schedule, book lessons and add class participants on the fly. Pros love the ability to check players in and add in last-minute drop-ins to their clinics.



2. How Kourts Works



3. Testimonies from Users

For Public Facilities - Burbank Tennis Center


For Private Clubs – Braemar Country Club


For HOAs – Scripps Ranch Swim & Racquet Club


Written Reviews

“Kourts has really filled a void in the market for tennis clubs. Most tennis software has way too many functions and Kourts really focuses on keeping it simple and allowing easy court reservation for members as well as an easy way to post clinics and classes. The Kourts team also continues to look at ways to improve and their customer support is absolutely incredible.” - Ken Tronco, Eastmoor Swim & Tennis Cub

“Kourts has helped our facility of 21 tennis courts transition from time consuming paper court sheets to online court sheets seamlessly. With Kourts, we are able to access the court sheets at any time, from any place. Set up was quick and easy. Our concerns and needs are met promptly with answers and solutions. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable and are always available via phone or email to help answer any questions. If you are looking to transition to online court sheets, or change your current provider, I highly recommend looking into Kourts.” Alex Aleshin, Aspen Hill Club

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4. Desktop Features

Digital Court Sheet

See your entire facility schedule at a glance, or look at individual court or instructor schedules.



Advanced Reporting & Analytics

Run reports on court occupancy, instructor activity, and revenues, and download them into Excel in one click.





Fully customizable rules & settings

Tailor the system to your needs with custom player & membership types, booking permissions, pricing, and court types.






Player database

Build your own private database of players and members. At a click of a button automatically upload your current database, create your own player types with the different rules that apply to them (price, opening hours,..). Keep track of relevant membership information, sort by player type and download freely your player lists into Excel when needed. 



Kourts marketplace

Have publicly available court times and clinics? Are you a private club and accept non members for your clinics only? Market them to thousands of players in your area with the Kourts Marketplace available in 28 US States.



5. POS Features

Accept credit card payments

With the Kourts POS, easily process credit card payments safely and securely. This can be done at the front desk with our latest Wi-Fi card readers or by requesting a card on file to your players through the Kourts platform.  At your request, the system will generate a text message or email with a link for your players where they can enter their credit card details in a fully PCI compliant way.


Fully Integrate with Kourts Desktop

No more switching back and forth between screens and spending hours reconciling your accounts.



Revenue reporting

See a breakdown of revenues, see what items sold best, and look at your sales history.



Customize your item catalog

Add anything you sell, from court and clinic time to rackets and beverages.



Email receipts

Keep your customers in the loop with instant confirmation.



6. Player App Features

Mobile booking

Give your players the power to view & book available court & clinic times even when your front desk is closed. 



Secure payments

Accept payments for court & clinic time securely before players show up. 



Custom cancellation policies

Enforce no-show policies with customizable rules on cancellations.  



Increase player experience

No more lines at the front desk & placing callers on long holds. Allow players the ability to book 24/7.


7. Instructor App Features

Digital court schedule

Give your instructors access to the facility court schedule anytime, anywhere.






Create private lesson bookings

Let your pros create lesson bookings on the fly, with instant confirmation so there are no worries about double bookings.



Add players to clinics

Add last second drop-ins into clinics on the fly.



Communicate with players

Call or message your players with updates about their lesson or clinic with the tap of a button.



Check players in

Manage clinics participants by checking players in and marking them as paid.



8. Getting Your Facility Started With Kourts

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