Email Scripts to Use

This video covers some sample email scripts we created for you  to use when sending your members information about this offer.

You can decide to make your own scripts, swipe the ones we have for you below, or tweak the ones we made for you.

We will also detail your options for how often you may want to email your members during "sales week".






Below are the same scripts you can access from the two buttons above.

But first let's talk about some general ideas that you might want to deploy.

The Ultimate Tennis Courses dashboard bundle will be sold for just five days. 

The first decision you need to make is how aggressively you are going to email your members.

In the chart below you can see how your options for how aggressively you will be communicating with your members. 


Days  Not aggressive Medium aggressive Most aggressive
Monday May 11 cart opens - sales begin 1st email  1st email  1st email 
Tuesday May 12 sales continue No email 2nd email 2nd email
Wednesday May 13 sales continue 2nd email No email 3rd email
Thursday May 14 sales continue No email 3rd email 4th email (morning)

5th email (evening)

Friday May 15, the shopping cart closes at 11:59 p.m. PST. 3rd email 4th email 6th email (morning)

7th email (evening)


It's quite simple really, the more you email, the more sales you'll get. But you will have to balance that and you should know what your members will tolerate in terms of the number of emails sent to me.

On the next several pages I will give you sample emails and subject lines that you can swipe. I’ve written enough emails to cover the most aggressive mailing option listed above, but you can email as often as you wish. Then you can decide which emails you were going to use and how often you were going to email. (feel free to tweak the emails)

Lastly is the link: There is ONLY one link that you will be using in your emails to your members and that's the link to the sale page. I have already linked it below inside each email, but please make sure you carefully link it and test each email before sending it to your members.


The REVISED link to use is:






Day 1: Mon May 11 - (Cart Opens) recommended to email around 10 am

Possible subject lines: (pick one)

Subject #1: Check out this awesome deal for OUR members

Subject #2: [VIDEO] Grand Slam doubles champion message for our members

Subject #3: Chance to help our tennis coaches recoup lost income


Hello members, 

We're eager to get back on the court with you as soon as possible but in the meantime, we wanted to share a really cool opportunity with you. 

As you know, we're not the only club that is close, thousands of clubs across our country have closed and tens of thousands of tennis coaches are not able to work just like our pros here at our club.

Here's what's up,  the tennis industry has created an opportunity for tennis coaches to recoup some of the lost income we've incurred, while at the same time allowing you to grab an incredible offer of more than 30 online tennis instructional courses from the best coaches on the planet.

The total value of the courses if purchased separately is nearly $4000, and you'll only have to pay 99 bucks. And the best part is 100% of the money comes here to our club to help are pros who have been out of work.

In fact, they are allowing us to collect the money directly so there's truly 100% coming to help are pros. You can learn more about these courses in this opportunity to help our coaches at the link below:

Tennis Courses Offer - Click Here!

Stay safe out there and we hope to join you on the court soon.


[your name here]



Day 2: Tues May 12 - (Cart remains open) email anytime

Possible subject lines: (pick one)

Subject #1: Help OUR tennis coaches … Here’s How

Subject #2: [VIDEO] More than $4,000 of instruction for just 99 bucks!

Subject #3: Special offer for OUR members (also helps our coaches)


Hello members, 

What if I told you that I could get you 37 of online tennis courses from some of the best coaches in the world for just 99 bucks?

What if I told you that these coaches donated the courses so that OUR members could buy them AND they are allowing us coaches to keep 100% of the sales.

Well, that is what's happening, and our coaches are super grateful to be able to use this money to help recoup some of the lost income they have incurred from not being able to teach tennis.

If you're at all interested in learning how you can help our coaches, check out the link below to see to learn more about this really cool offer.

How to Help our Tennis Coaches - Click Here!


Thanks for considering this.

[your name here]



Day 3: Wed May 13 - (Cart remains open) email anytime

Possible subject lines: (pick one)

Subject #1: [VIDEO] Bryan Brothers doubles instruction

Subject #2: World class tennis instruction (look inside)

Subject #3: Our Tennis coaches (update)


Hello members, 

This week we have been sending you some emails regarding a very cool offer to help our coaches recoup some loss income from not being able to teach.

If you have ever wanted to get instruction from the Bryan brothers, Rod Laver, and many other famous tennis people, here's your chance.

Learn More - click Here!


[your name here]



Day 4: Email 1 Thur May 14 - (Cart remains open) email in the morning 

Possible subject lines: (pick one)

Subject #1: [VIDEO] Bryan Brothers doubles instruction

Subject #2: World class tennis instruction (look inside)

Subject #3: Our Tennis coaches (update)


Hello members, 

Tomorrow's the last day you'll be able to grab the Ultimate Tennis Course dashboard. 

These courses have been donated by some of the most famous online tennis coaches on the planet and the cool part is anything you buy, will go directly to the coaches at our club who have not been able to teach tennis and have lost income spirit.

It's a one of a kind chance that’s never been offered before so if you're interested in getting access for the special price of just $99, check the link below before the offer expires tomorrow.

Closing Tomorrow - Click Here!



[your name here]



Day 4: Email 2 Thur  May 14 - (Cart remains open) late afternoon email 

Possible subject lines: (pick one)

Subject #1: Your questions answered (Ultimate Tennis Courses)

Subject #2: Ultimate Tennis Courses (How it works)

Subject #3: Got questions? We got answers… Ultimate Tennis Courses 


Hello members, 

The special deal to get the Ultimate Tennis Courses bundle and help our tennis coaches recoup some lost income and TOMORROW…  Friday May 15 at 11:59 pm PST.

We’ve received a number of questions about the program, so we compiled a list of answers to the most commons ones below:

1) How many courses are included in the bundle?

The course bundle includes 37 courses on a variety of topics. You'll hear from tennis legends like Rod Laver, the Bryan brothers, and many more.

 2) Is it really just $99 for everything?

Yes, the online tennis instructors that donated the courses wanted to have a very inexpensive price so that lots of people would buy it and we could help the most coaches as possible. The total value of all the courses if bought separately would be nearly $4,000.

 3) How long do I have access to the courses?

Once you pay your ONE-TIME fee of $99 you’ll have LIFETIME ACCESS to all the courses so you can watch them whenever you want.

 4) How will I know that the money actually goes to help OUR coaches?

You can be assured that the money is coming 100% to the club. As a matter of fact, the club itself will be collecting the money directly from you so there is no one else that even touches the money. We will truly collect 100% of everything you purchase.

If your ready to grab your courses please click the link below:

Closing Tomorrow - Click Here!


[your name here]


Since this is the last day to purchase we recommend emailing your members at least twice on this day.



Day 5: Email 1 Fri May 15 - (Cart closes tonight) morning email 

Possible subject lines: (pick one)

Subject #1: Closing TONIGHT: Ultimate Tennis Courses

Subject #2: Only X hours left: Ultimate Tennis Courses

Subject #3: Don’t miss this: Ultimate Tennis Courses


We’re counting down to the end of the special deal to help our tennis coaches by purchasing the Ultimate Tennis Courses bundle.

The deal ends TONIGHT at midnight Pacific Time.  About X hours from now.

To pick up your copy - Click Here!

Remember, you'll have LIFETIME access to all the videos and 100% of the revenues come directly to our club to help our coaches who have been out of work.


[your name here]




Day 5: Email 2 Fri May 15 - (Cart closes tonight) early evening 

Possible subject lines: (pick one)

Subject #1: Deal ends in X hours: Ultimate Tennis Courses

Subject #2: Closing NOW: Ultimate Tennis Courses

Subject #3: LAST CHANCE:  Ultimate Tennis Courses


This is your final courtesy reminder that the Ultimate Tennis Courses bundle will expire in just a few hours at 11:59 p.m. PST.

Last Chance - Ultimate Tennis Courses

The money you spend will go directly to help the pros at our club who have not been able to teach and have lost income.


[your name here]