Cool New Website Upgrades!

We take pride in listening to what our subscribers want. That's why this last year we added an entirely new section in the Lab for teaching Technique.

The result was 5 brand new courses as listed below:

1. Private Lesson Mastery

2. SERVE: Technique & Corrections

3. FOREHAND: Technique & Corrections

4. BACHAND: Technique & Corrections

5. NET PLAY: Technique & Corrections

Each of these courses takes a deep dive into the best practices for teaching new strokes, progression, checkpoints, and error correction methods.

They were by far the most viewed content on the Site this year.

But we're not done...

Another thing we hear is that the website has so much content that it can be difficult to find the drill or course you are looking for.

So... in Jan 2023, we're going to make things even easier for you, and I know you'll love the new upgrades we're doing.

Check out a sneak peek of what's coming in the video below:

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