Tennis Drills FAQ

We have more than 2,000 tennis drills on the website, the categories of our drills include:

  • Singles Tennis Drills
  • Doubles Tennis Drills
  • Serving Tennis Drills
  • Deadball Tennis Drills
  • Ball Machine Tennis Drills
  • Large Group Drills for 8 players
  • Large  Group Drills for 12 players
  • Large Group Drills for 24 players
  • Kids Tennis Drills (ages 5-6)
  • Kids Tennis Drills (ages 7-8)
  • Kids Tennis Drills (ages 9-10)
  • Kids Private Lesson Drills
  • Kids Warm-up Drills

Absolutely! Every single one of our 2,000 drills comes with a drill diagram so our subscribers can print it and take it on the court.

You can check out an example of what one of our drill diagrams looks like at the link here.

We have lots of types of coaches that join our website.

But the most common types of subscribers we get are teaching professionals, HS and MS tennis coaches, college coaches, and parents or grandparents who simply want to teach their own children.

Our drills are suitable for skill levels from beginner to high-performance. The majority of our drills are for recreational players from the 2.5 to 4.5 level.

We also have courses that show you how to modify drills so they work with a variety of skill levels.

You have a few options. Most people start by taking advantage of our 2-week FULL ACCESS trial for just $1.

After that, your options include a monthly subscription for $19.95 or an annual subscription for $199 per year which saves you two months off the monthly option.  

Plus you can cancel at any time!

Your account is personal to you. Sharing your password or having multiple people log into your account is not allowed.

But by having individual accounts, coaches can take advantage of our continuing education credit courses and actually save money by not having to travel to conventions or miss days of work.

Yes... We have more than 80 tennis-related courses in the Lab.

More than 25 of those courses are eligible for PTR and/or USPTA Education Credit.

No problem, we have a 1-step method for canceling your subscription and you can cancel at any time.

Yes…  Many people will find that they are certain drills that they absolutely love.

We created a Favorites folder so you can easily find your personal favorite drills and access them quickly in the future.

The Lab was new to the website after we launched.

We started hearing from coaches that besides tennis drills, they really wanted to have more tennis-related courses in general.

The Lab has several categories including:

  • Courses
  • Case Studies
  • Club Operations
  • Mastermind Interviews
  • Live Coaching Calls
  • Quick Wins.
  • and much more

You'll find everything you'll need in the Lab to make you a better coach and help you run a more effective and profitable tennis business.

Yes!... Our members get discounts on products they are already purchasing. Some of the savings can add up to be more than the cost of their subscription! You'll save on all sorts of teaching aids, court equipment, transition balls and much more.

We never stop… we upload new content every week (on Sunday) and we never take any content down.

You'll get an email every Sunday with a notification of what is new on the site for that week. 

Yes… we now offer corporate pricing for clubs or organizations that want to have multiple coaches have access to our website.

Some of the biggest clubs in the country and world are part of our corporate pricing program and are getting great value for their coaches.

To learn more about our corporate program Click Here!

If there's anything at all that you're not certain about, anything we haven't made clear; any concerns or questions then please Click Here and we'll help you out.