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This is a great tennis drill to teach players how to half- volley. This drill is self-fed by the players. Level: 3.0 and higher. Points are played on half the court, so each court will have 2 separate games going on.

Players 1 & 2 are on the champs side, the rest of the players are on the challenging side and can play in either half of their court but must stay on that court.

Challengers step and execute a 2nd serve straight ahead and then play out the point. (Serves should not be hard enough to hit the back curtain on the second bounce.) If server faults, they lose and cruise. The champions are forced to hit a half-volley and play out the point. Pros can then take over and emphasize whatever the players need to learn.

V= Champs can start anywhere in no-mans land and server still tries to serve at their feet

V = If the server is serving too hard (1st instead of 2nd serve) Pro can add the “jerk” rule. That means that if the champion may gamble and let “fast” serves go by and
if the ball hits the back curtain before the second bounce, the server loses the point and takes one additional point off of their score.