2. About this League

The purpose of the Elementary League is to give young players a chance to compete on a team and with friends.

Unlike other youth sports where practice and match/game days are automatically created, tennis players can sometimes struggle because they end up only practicing and rarely playing. 

Our goal is to get players to fall in love with playing the game of tennis.

To accomplish this we will play on a modified 36-ft Court with foam balls and smaller rackets

We thank you for being a parent volunteer, and this course is designed to guide you on how to conduct your responsibilities and keep it fun for all the players.

Just a few reminders:

1. Each week will start with some "practice" activities and end with singles and/or doubles match play.

2. Keep time - do not let a match go over 5 minutes before rotating unless you have only 6 or fewer kids on each team. Even then you would still not go 10 minutes. It is best to keep making lots of quick match rotations.

2. Your main goal is to keep the kids safe and have fun. While the matches are going on, your job is also to help them learn who wins a point and how they did. Then you can start teaching them about positioning too (behind the baseline usually to start). This is for both teams, not just your team.

3. You may/will have parents come to watch. You may need to get chairs out and put them away.

4. You should not keep track of how many matches your team wins. That is not the point. The kids know if they won every match or lost every match. Do your best to get every kid to win at least once (legally).

5. It is OK to have the players keep score of their individual matches and we recommend using visual scoring to do that.