This is a groundstroke tennis drill that allows players to win a “hustle” point

Player 1 plays against player 2 while player 3 plays against player 4.

This happens on two separate halves of the court.

Players self-feed a ball and the point is played out from the baseline. Neither player can approach the net unless their opponent’s ball lands short (inside the service box.)

After each regular point, the players race to the net and tap it. The first player to reach the net earns the “hustle” point

This drill teaches players to keep the ball deep, because if they allow their opponent to get to the net they will for sure lose the race to the net and the hustle point.

If a player forgets to run forward to the net, his opponent can set him back 3 points by touching the net and running back to the service line, and touching the net again before his opponent touches for the first time.

Variation: Play full-court three points and only race to the net after the third point, then switch ends.