This tennis drill is awesome for getting players to hit a lot of transition volleys.

Players 1 & 2 are a team playing against players 3 & 4. Players 1 and 2 start as the net rushers.

Player 1 starts in no-man’s land (or baseline) and feeds to player 4 and then must rush the net. The point is played out cross-court only.

After that point is done, player 2 feeds to player 3 and does the same thing.

The score is kept as a team so partners will have a combined score.

After a few minutes, the players switch ends of the court so players 3 & 4 can practice being the net rushers.

This tennis drill is great for getting players to hit a lot of volleys in a short period of time.

Variation: have the attacking players start at the baseline instead of no-man’s land.