This is a 4-ball drill that gives players practice on a lot of different types of shots.

Ball 1: Coach feeds a short sitter to player 1 who must come in and hit a “stinger” to player 4.

Ball 2: Coach feeds a volley to player 2, and the point is played out.

Ball 3: Coach feeds another volley to player 1 (who is now at the net).

Ball 4: Coach feeds an Overhead to either player 1 or 2.

Player 4 must let the first ball bounce and works on counter-punching skills.

After the first ball, player 4 must come to the net for the rest of the points.

On ball four, (lob) the defensive side works on the reverse split step and overall defensive skills.

This is a good tennis drill and allows coaches to take time and review the five levels of aggression with their players.

Variation 1: Change the type of approach from stinger to an approach volley.

Variation 2: Play the same game to the backhand side.