This is a 3-ball tennis drill that teaches transition and passing shot skills.

Players 1 & 2 are doubles partners and so are players 3 & 4 and players 5 & 6.

Players 1 & 2 are the champions on the opposite side of the coach.

The other teams are trying to become the champions by winning 3 points in a row.

Ball 1: Coach feeds to the champ side and the challenging team must rush the net. If challengers win the point, they stay at the net for a second ball.

Ball 2: Coach feeds a second ball to champ side and if the net team wins, they stay for a third ball.

Ball 3: Coach feeds the third ball to the champ's side and if the net team wins, they run around to replace the champions and the coach feeds the next ball (lob) as they run over.

If at any time the challenging team loses a point, they must rotate to the end of the line. (If they lose, they cruise.)

Variation: Have players play three points no matter what and then automatically run over to become the champions (Cardio version).