This is a creative way to practice serve accuracy.

This is another tennis drill that emphasizes accuracy as the most important aspect of an effective serve.

The goal of the Serve Number drill is to get players to have a tangible number that they can know as their own.

To determine a player’s Serve number, the player must start in target area 1 and keep hitting serves until they hit that area, after they hit area 1, they may proceed through the rest of the areas.

Your Serve number is the total number of serves it takes you to hit all six target areas.

The goal of this tennis drill is to use the fewest balls to accomplish hitting all six areas. The perfect score would be six.

Coaches should put a power rule on each Serve, requiring the second bounce to go past the baseline in order to count.

This will remove any temptation to hit the patty cake serve.

We love this tennis drill because it shows players how accurate they really are when serving.

Variation: For strong players make the power rule be that the second bounce must be up against the back fence or curtain in order to count.