17. Snow Bird Calculations

Calculating Snowbird account credit and memberships

1. Do the math (for example  $340 / 52 weeks = $6.54 per week x number of weeks there are here (let's say 40 weeks- gone 12 weeks) = $6.54 x 40 weeks = $261 is what they pay for a membership, that leaves $79 left over and that's what the gift card amount should be.

2. . Go to the person's profile and click user groups

3. Click edit on the membership that they currently have.

4. First cancel the current membership or the snowbird amount will be overridden by the full amount due.  Once that has been canceled you can go back to the Edit and find the type of membership you want and adjust the price to fit the math you have done.

5 Change the membership fee in both places (top and the middle) in this example it changes to $261 (see #1 above)

6. Then click Renew Membership

7. Now you need to sell them a gift card for the balance (in this case it was $79) (see #1 above)

8. Go to their gift card at the bottom of their profile and Gift Card History

9. Hopefully they have a gift card and you can just reload it if not you'll have to sell them a new gift card and you'll need the next # out of the binder

10. After you enter the gift card amount, it will say take payment but do not, just X out.

11. Then go to their POS and you should see both their membership (at the reduced rate) and the gift card set to whatever amount you made it.

These two totals combined should equal what the full membership price would normally be.