Mental Toughness Mini Course

with Jorge Capestany


1) Watch First (e-Book Download)

Watch this video first and be sure to download the 70-page Mental Toughness eBook at the link below this video.





2) About this Mini Course

We're very excited to bring you the REVISED 4-part Mental Toughness video mini-series.

In 2021 we re-filmed and edited the entire mini-series to make it better and more relevant.

This mini-course has helped over 12,000 players across the globe get better at practicing and improving their mental toughness skills.

We're especially excited to help people and players in this area in particular because we know mental toughness skills are often ignored by many club players.

If you are a coach, we hope what you learn in this course will help you assist your own players in developing and improving their mental toughness skills.

If you are a player, we hope what you learn in this course helps you win more matches and play with more confidence.

Please feel free to share this free course with any of your tennis friends, partners, or students.

This is our free gift to tennis players.

Below each of the 4 videos is a follow-along quiz that can be printed off and filled in by the students as they watch the video. This will be especially helpful if you are showing these videos to a team or player.




VIDEO 1: Fear of Losing

VIDEO 2: Closing Out Matches

VIDEO 3: Your Inner Voice

VIDEO 4: Choking & Nerves


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I hope you've enjoyed this FREE course on Mental Toughness. 

Please free to share this course with your fellow coaches, students, and tennis friends!


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