About this Workshop

This is a two-day face-to-face workshop.

The goal of this workshop is to get attendees to be able to deliver world-class group lessons on their own.

Attendees will get hands-on experience delivering drills for all levels and also learn the art of planning and organizing group lessons.

There will be online coursework required before and after the face-to-face workshop.

PHILOSOPHY: rather than teach attendees 20 to 30 drills for each play situation, we will focus on teaching them 5 to 10 drills for each of the play situations. This will allow them to master each of the drills and be able to effectively deploy them.

Our rationale is that it's better to have 5 Baseline drills that you can master and deploy effectively rather than have 25 drills that you can't deploy nearly as effectively.

Our philosophy is to go deeper, not wider when it comes to the number of drills the attendees should look to master.